Facebook Mural Project: Not a Gluten-Free Solution, But Beautiful

When you can drop a name like Facebook, that’s a pretty awesome name to be able to drop.


Well, during April, we completed this awesome project at their new Menlo Park office building with a wheat paste mural. Together with Butchershop Creative we made this wall come to life.


We Had Never Done Something Like This Before.

When they first asked about it, we told them we’d never done a wheat paste mural before – and we didn’t know too many other companies in town that could do it.
But Martin Sign Company showed up. Because of our past work with this client and our ability to tackle just about anything at anytime, we nailed it.

Not Gluten-Free, But It’s Good Enough To Eat.
Granted, this piece of artwork is not gluten-free, but it’s a mural, not a meal.


We want our clients at Facebook and their visitors to enjoy all of the intricacies of the beautiful design, the impeccable execution, and the arts and crafts technology that came together to bring this mural to life for their Indian-style food court.


Wheat paste, also known as flour paste, is a gel or liquid adhesive comprised of wheat flour or starch and water. Similar to papier-mâché or decoupage, it’s become the standard adhesive for paper conservation.


So this wheat paste mural is really cutting-edge, even though it’s an art form that’s been around for centuries.

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