Foursquare Rewards Employees With Acrylic Plaques

The Problem: Our client, Foursquare, helps you find the best places to eat, drink, shop or visit in any city in the world. They decided to reward their top employees in San Francisco and beyond with freestanding, colorful acrylic plaques.

The client wanted to create colorful trophies they could hand out to their top performing employees. They had to be freestanding, nice looking, but small enough to not clutter the employee’s work station. They wanted something creative, different, and whimsical.

The Solution: The guys here at Martin Sign Company put our collective heads together and decided to craft a series of 1.5” thick clear acrylic plaques with four different printed graphic designs for Foursquare. “They represented a throwback in time and a nod to earlier days, almost like 1950s kitsch for plates you’d see in your grandmother’s kitchen,” said Marty Wall, President, Martin Sign Company.

The Bottom Line: Foursquare loved them. We loved them. And most importantly, the employees who received the acrylic plaques loved getting them.

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