Sidewalk Signs for Days

Martin Sign Company has been a sidewalk sign factory! As of late Martin Sign Company has been building a bunch of sidewalk signs. Sidewalk signs or a-frames come in many shapes and sizes. Some are plastic, some have a steel construction, some are metal, and some are a combination of plastic and metal. Sidewalk signs [...]

San Francisco Screen Printing

A screen printed chalk board side walk sign. Screen Printing For Everything From A-Frames to Menu Boards Do you have a business that needs a lot of signs that look the same? Martin Sign Company handles San Francisco screen printing for a wide range of companies. In fact, we work with everyone from [...]

La Boulange Chalkboard A-Frame Looking Awesome!

This La Boulange Chalkboard a-frame is awesome! For the record MSC did not do the drawing, but we did create the chalkboard a-frame. I'm not sure who the artist is, but we saw the a-frame passing by today and it looks sweet!  I wish more a-frames on the streets of San Francisco looked this good.

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Colorful Chalkboard Sandwich Board Signs

Add a splash of color to your chalkboard sandwich board signs Who says that chalkboard signs should only be black and white? Why not add some color to your chalkboard sandwich board signs to grab more attention? White chalk on a black chalkboard give you the best contrast, but throwing a splash of color can [...]

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Catering Carts Hit the Street

La Boulange Bakery approached Martin Sign Company about taking a couple stainless steel catering carts and covering it in La Boulange branded digital graphics. The benefit to branding the catering cart is that anytime La Boulange catering gets a call to deliver a wide variety of pastries to any of their downtown San Francisco clients the catering [...]

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Sidewalk Signs San Francisco

Sidewalk signs that stand out from the rest [uds-billboard name="A-Frames" ]Sidewalk signs or a-frame signs can come in all different shapes and sizes. Sidewalk signs are a great way to grab the customers attention while they are walking by your San Francisco store or restaurant. You can inform your customer with your a-frame by putting [...]

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5 Types of Signs for Business that you Should Have

The Signs for your business are the first thing your customers see, so make them great! When thinking about signs for business you have to understand that every business is different, but in many ways they are the same. One way that businesses are the same is that they all should have signs. Unless you [...]

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Vinyl Window Graphics

Vinyl Graphics can make all the difference! Vinyl window graphics are a great way to  add some spice to those windows on your store front.  Many people take these signs for granted, but there are some tricks to window graphics that can make a big difference to people walking into your store vs. walking past [...]

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