Commercial Real Estate Post and Panel Signs

IMG_4703Add 3D letters to your next Commercial Real Estate post and panel sign for a change

A recent commercial real estate post and panel sign we did for The Campus at Ardenwood in Fremont, CA we put custom painted routed out wood letters to the face to create a more interesting sign. Many commercial real estate signs are just a rigid substrate like aluminum composite or a painted plywood with a flat digital print on the face. But for a more creative design solution we added 1″ thick routed wood letters to the face.

As you can see from the photo that this sign really commands attention. Especially when compared to the commercial real estate sign that was across the street. The “@” symbol bleeds off the edge of this 4′ x 6′ painted plywood panel. Three dimensional letters on this sign also creates some depth and interesting shadows on the sign which creates more visibility when people are passing by.

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