Construction Barricade Graphics

One of our most recent projects that we did for a local bakery called La Boulange here in San Francisco was some construction barricade graphics. Construction barricades are required whenever new construction is taking place even if its just a remodel. The construction barricade keeps pedestrians safe from the construction site, and it keeps the ugly mess hidden from view. In the Westfield Shopping Centre in San Francisco where the latest La Boulange is under construction, they require a construction barricade, but not only that they require that the barricade be covered in colorful graphics.

Covering a construction barricade in digital graphics is such a great idea. With the right graphics you can create buzz and hype around your new location. The ugly construction barricade can be a billboard for you new company and promote products, other locations, employment opportunities, websites, and the most important you can promote your brand.

At Martin Sign Company, we were able to go in after the mall closed and put the graphics over the construction barricade. For this barricade it was 7′ tall x 49′ wide and 22′ deep. The graphics went all the way around on all four sides too. Make sure you call Martin Sign Company for your next construction barricade graphics project.

Construction Barricade mural by Martin Sign Company

Construction Barricade graphics by Martin Sign Company

Barricade mural by Martin Sign Company


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