Digital Printed Mural

Deck your walls with a digital printed mural!

This year we started off with a bang by doing a digital printed mural for Sutter Home Winery in Lodi, CA. Actually we did several murals for them. A digital printed mural can be a good way to liven up large blank walls for any office or building interior. You can use photography, graphic art, text, or logos to decorate these walls.

What we do is print on large sheet of adhesive back vinyl about 4′ wide and the we install these vertically left to right or right to left to cover a whole wall or only do a partial wall.

The key to a good digital printed mural is to have good artwork. The artwork needs to be a high enough resolution in order to be clear enough for the viewer to see the image and understand what it going on. If the image is poor quality then the mural can look fuzzy or out of focus. You can talk to your Martin Sign Company sign professional about the images you want to use and if they meet our minimum standards for your next digital printed mural.

Enjoy this time lapse video that we made of the work being done.

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