Mural for Jones Lang LaSalle in San Francisco

Digital printed murals to show commercial real estate

Jones Lang LaSalle asked Martin Sign Company to do a mural for a vacant space at 301 Howard Street. The mural was made out of digital graphics and along with some vinyl graphics on a couple of other walls and columns they became a dynamic marketing piece to help sell the space to potential tenants. The mural on the biggest wall was 10′ x 20′ and it had a large map of the downtown that showed all the amenities that downtown San Francisco has to offer.

Mural graphics are a great way to show off any large commercial space since the graphics can’t be missed and can really wow the potential tenant. You can do large photography, large artwork, or abstract designs and infographics. Mural graphics are perfect for companies that are already in the space as well. Large murals can create the right mood or atmosphere for your company.

Digital printed murals are quick to print and install. The turnaround time for the Jones Lang LaSalle job was about a week. Of course the turnaround time really depends on if the artwork is ready or not. In this case the client had the artwork ready for production soon after the samples of material were approved. For mural graphics to be successful it is important that the wall be painted with two coats of semi-gloss or gloss paint. Digital graphics need a smooth surface to stick to and semi-gloss or gloss finishes help with that adhesion.




























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