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Signs San Francisco for businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area

Martin Sign Company is proud to offer business signs San Francisco. If you are a new business that is just opening or if you are a business that is moving to a new location MSC offers free site survey’s and estimates to make sure you get the right type of signs for your business.

Just like there are many different kinds of businesses there are many sign solutions. In this article we want to show you some different types of signs that can help you decide what type of sign might be right for your business. Feel free to check out the Martin Sign Company portfolio where we have hundreds of photos of different types of signs San Francisco to help inspire you even further.

Vinyl Graphics – Signs San Francisco

Vinyl graphics are great signs for your store windows. Vinyl graphics are perfect for retail stores, hair salons, restaurants, bars, bakeries, coffee shops, and real estate offices. Vinyl graphics can come in a rainbow of colors and are great for businesses where they want to put logos on the windows or your store hours.

Window Stickers

The Pad Studio a yoga studio in San Francisco.

Vinyl graphics for a doctors office in San Francisco.

Vinyl graphics for a doctors office in San Francisco.

Print Cut window graphics San Francisco

Print Cut vinyl graphics -Signs San Francisco

3D Lettering – Signs San Francisco

Dimensional letters are 3D lettering that can be mounted to an exterior wall on a store front or on a interior wall in a elevator lobby or reception area. 3D lettering can be made out of a wide variety of material such as plastic, metal, or wood. For your signs San Francisco you should consider 3D lettering if you want a more substantial look to your sign than just paint or vinyl graphics. 3D lettering does cost more and can make your company look more established.


Stainless Steel letters 1″ thick.

McCarthy's Irish Bar San Francisco

Dimensional letters for an Irish Bar.

3D lettering San Francisco

Hanging Signs – Signs San Francisco

Martin Sign Company can help build your retail business a hanging sign outside your store front. Hanging signs are signs that project out from your store front wall from a steel pole and the sign panel hangs from chains or “S” hooks. The hanging signs can be made out of wood, metal or plastic. Hanging signs can take on any kind of shape. Hanging signs are usually a small sign that may only stick out a couple of feet. Boutique companies are usually the type of businesses that can use a hanging sign. Go to any small town main street boulevard and you’ll see these types of signs in abundance. Consult with Martin Sign Company to help build your hanging signs San Francisco.

Stained wood screen printed hanging sign San Francisco

Digital printing signs San Francisco

Real Estate Hanging Sign

Window Coverings – Signs San Francisco

Window coverings are common for businesses with offices like law firms, financial firms, and tech firms. Basically if your office has large glass walls then there is a chance you want to have some privacy for those rooms and offices. Window coverings can add to the architecture and the mood of your companies space. There are many different flavors of film that you can decorate your glass walls with. You can frost the glass with etch films, white films and for a splash of color you can use colored films and digital printing.

Martin Sign Company can help with all your window covering needs. Here are some samples of our recent work.

photo 4

Window Covering for Jive Software

Jive Software Palo Alto

Frosted vinyl with white text on glass.

Aether Etchmark graphics window covering

Frosted vinyl graphics

Frosted vinyl graphics

Digital Banner Printing – Signs San Francisco

When you are talking signs San Francisco you have to mention digital banner printing. Martin Sign Company can be your source for digital banner printing. Digital banners also come in all different shapes and sizes. You can use digital banners for trade shows, point of purchase displays, construction site signs, backdrops for photo shoots. Put up digital banners for grand openings or advertise a big sale. Celebrate a big milestone in your company by hanging a large banner. Digital printed banners can have millions of colors and can be any size.

Open during construction banner

outside banners San Francisco

Step and Repeat Backdrop San Francisco

digital printed Christmas Holiday banner

A-Frame Sidewalk Signs – Signs San Francisco

A-frame sidewalk signs are great signs San Francisco for retail stores with a store front. Coffee shops, hair salons, restaurants, fitness centers, and clothing stores are perfect type of businesses that could need a-frame sidewalk signs. Martin Sign Company can help pick the right a-frame sidewalk sign for your business. If you want something off the shelf or if you want something totally custom we can advise on the right solution for you.

Chalkboard a-frame large

Timeless Treasures Sidewalk

Chinese Hospital a-frame sign

Smitten Ice Cream Sidewalk sign

WindMaster Signs


Sign Installation – Signs San Francisco 

Martin Sign Company can also install your signs. Sign installation is a big part of signs. The bigger you go the more it takes to install. Martin Sign Company can be your local sign company if your companies headquarters is in another city or state. Maybe you are a retail store that has several locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Martin Sign Company can roll out a new look at multiple locations. Is your company a restaurant chain? Allow Martin Sign Company to be your sign shop on the ground to do site survey’s and install your new signs as needed.

For all your sign needs, Martin Sign Company offers free estimates and free consultation. Give us a call today to talk with a sign professional about your sign project. Check out our portfolio for more photos of work we’ve done and more sign ideas.

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