The Coffee Smith Gets New Menu Boards

digital printed menu boards San FranciscoNew Digital Menu Boards Make for a Cleaner Look

When The Coffee Smith graphic designer (Todd) first contacted Martin Sign Company (MSC) The Coffee Smith of San Francisco had chalk board menus that were old and falling apart. The frames were being held together with scotch tape. The chalk board was too small for all the items they had on the menu, thus the chalk hand writing was jumbled together and messy. The menus were hard to read, they were dirty, and old looking. It was time for a new look.

Thankfully The Coffee Smith was working with a graphic designer. MSC was able to consult and brainstorm ideas with Todd so that we could make a pitch to the owner of The Coffee Smith on which menu board solution would be best for them. There is nothing wrong with chalk board menu boards, its just that the solution they had was old and needed to be done a little more cleanly. But after consulting with Todd it was decided that a digital solution would be best since they wanted to add more color and a cleaner look to the menus to match the interior space.

While Todd the graphic designer was coming up with the look and feel of the menu, MSC designed the installation method on how the menus would be fabricated and installed. This is a good example of how MSC can work for any company. Many times company’s already have their own in house designer or a designer they like to contract out to. Here at MSC we like to work with designers because they understand the similar process that sign makers have to go through to make sure the signs are done right the first time. It’s also good to work as a team and think things completely through with different perspectives. Plus, your graphic designer might already fully understand your brand and what you are trying to accomplish. This makes for a more consistant look when you are dealing with more than one location.

The Coffee Smith menu boards are big, clean, and they are easy to remove or replace when it comes time for changes to their menu. These menu boards are mounted using magnets onto a wood structure. Because the menu boards are printed onto a light PVC material there is no need for a bunch of  screws or complicated hardware. This method will keep the cost of installation way down for future changes.

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