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What is so modern about the workplace if its not changing.

The modern workplace is always changing.  I’ve seen it happen since I get called in to change or install signs at new office locations all the time.  Now we have cubicles without walls and shared spaces with people working on bean bag chairs.  Some people are not even working at the space any more, but working from home or at coffee shops.   Long gone are the blank walls with boring world clocks on the wall for decoration.  Workplace environments needed to change to spur creativity and to create a happy work force of the creative types.  So what does these changing workplaces have to do with signs?  After all this is a sign website.

Signs are a part of your work environment.  The sign on the wall as you walk in from the front door or get off the elevator can be the first thing people see not only to prove that they are in the right office, but it might tell them what kind of a company you are.  A good sign needs to be designed to match or even enhance the workplace environment.  The sign should compliment the other architectural elements of the workplace.  Match the wood from the desk, or the metal from the office chairs.  Take the color from the bean bags, or put behind glass like the aquarium.

Sometimes signs are not signs at all but whole murals or wall coverings.  If you have a 20′ blank wall in a open office environment consider putting up a large mural of a cityscape or some urban artwork.  The murals can be put up on a large conference room wall where the large plasma TV which would bring some life and color to the conference room.  These can be done with digital printing so you are not painting the walls.  They can be taken down easily if you move or changed when they get out dated.

Another canvas where you can do creative things are on the glass walls.  If you have a conference room with tall glass walls you might want privacy film put on there so your meetings won’t show up on YouTube or the evening news.  So if you are going to put up window coverings why not put a design into the privacy film?  It could be an extra layer of color behind the film of your company logo, or the name of the room.  Consider patterns or crazy designs with the etched film for a unique look.

If you are a technology firm or a new start up company that is hip to the modern workplace you will have your team of architects and interior designers help you come up with the best workplace environment that speaks not only to your clients but more importantly to your employees that work there every day or not if they are working from home.

What inspired this blog post is that I stumbled up on this blog post on another website of some creative workplace spaces from around the world.  There are some pretty wild ones that you should check out.

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