3D Lettering for your Reception Area

Beanstock3D Lettering by Martin Sign Company in San Francisco

Two recent projects at Martin Sign Company involved 3D lettering for some technology companies in San Francisco. Beanstock and Memsql are the two companies we help put 3D lettering on their reception area walls. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are but receptionist areas are a great place to put your company logo to call the place your own. There are many solutions and 3D letters are only one solution.

For Beanstock we fabricated stainless steel 3D letters with a brushed finish look to them for one color, and painted stainless steel 3D letters for the other. The letters are 1″ thick and are stud mounted to the painted drywall.

For Memsql we did a similar treatment with the 3D stainless steel letters only we did different thicknesses for each sign depending on the size.

3D lettering can really make any room pop. If your logo is just a font or a fancy intricate logo having 3D lettering on your wall can help your brand look established and wow your customers when they walk in the door.

There are several materials that you can use in 3D lettering. I’ve mentioned stainless steel and painted stainless steel. You can also have 3D letters made out of other metals like bronze, brass, aluminum, copper. You can have different finishes to these metals as well such as polished, clear anodized finishes. Let’s not forget too that we can paint any color in the rainbow. Other materials you can make 3D letters out of are acrylic, foam, and wood. Picking the right material for your 3D lettering sign project really comes down to what you want your sign to look like, the size of the 3D letters, and of course your budget.

If your company needs help with your 3D lettering on your receptionist wall or desk please don’t hesitate to call a sign professional at Martin Sign Company for a free quote and consultation.

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