A Good Logo Design Makes a Good Sign For Your Business

A good designer equals a good logo design equals a good sign for your business

I often tell new companies that I’m working with on their signs that our signs are only as good as the artwork that is given to us. A good logo design is the best way to make any sign look good. Designing a logo isn’t easy. This is why you need to get a good graphic designer. Before you hire a sign professional to fabricate and install the sign for your business you need to find the right graphic designer. A good graphic designer can bring your brand from zero to hero by doing a wide variety of design and layouts for your business not only logos. Websites, business cards, brochures, signs, email marketing, and marketing materials.

A Friends a Friend Forever

So where does a business owner find a good graphic designer to get a great logo? Well I think the best way to search for a graphic designer is to ask your friends. You can ask your friends for a referral to anyone they know that does graphic design. Maybe the neighboring business has a fantastic logo, try asking them for a referral to the graphic designer that did designed their logo. Maybe there is graphic designer at your gym or church that you can work with. Many times the best person to work with is through referral from friends and neighbors. The graphic designer that gets the referral will work a little bit harder for you since their reputation is on the line with the person that referred them.

Networking Groups

I’ve been in sales for years, and ever since I’ve been in sales I’ve belonged to networking groups. These networking groups are usually meeting weekly, or monthly and have a wide variety of professions in them. The goal of these networking groups is to meet on a regular basis, build relationships and trust with each other by meeting frequently. These groups are very popular for local small businesses and almost all these groups have graphic designers in them. Most of these groups don’t mind if you visit their group at least once and if you are in the market for a graphic designer definitely keep your eyes pealed for the graphic designer in that networking group.

The networking group that I’ve been a member in the longest is called BNI. There is a BNI in many cities all over the world. There are a couple dozen chapters just in the San Francisco Bay Area alone. There are other professional networking groups that you visit or join to not only find clients, but also to find graphic designers. You can check out Pro Growth Team, your local Rotary Club, or the Commonwealth Club. Each city has many professional networking groups that you can check out to find the graphic designer that is right for the job.

Surfing the Web for Graphic Designers

The internet has made the world a smaller place. Now anybody from any city around the world can be found and hired to work. The website is the new business card and with search engines like Google you can search for any type of product or service in any zip code or country in any language. So maybe if you are not in any networking groups and if you don’t have any friends that can find you a graphic designer, most definitely you can find hundreds even thousands of graphic designers to do your bidding.

Obviously you can do a Google search for graphic designers who do logo design. You can search by location like “graphic designers San Francisco.” By doing a Google search by location you are more likely to find graphics designers that might live and work where you are.

Another way to use the internet to find the right graphic designer to do logo design for your business is to use freelance websites. There are many out there, but some of the websites that I’ve used is ODesk.com, 99designs.com or Guru.com. The way these websites work is by having various artists and professionals post their profiles and samples of their work on their profile. Then companies who need work done post a description of the job they need done. The professionals then bid on the projects and the employer can review each bid and award the project to the professional. There are a thousand million designers on these sites and sometimes you can get a hundred bids depending on the budget or size of the project, but its a good way to really evaluate what sort of price one of these graphic design jobs might cost.


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