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A sign professional can be a best friend to graphic designers.

Graphic designers are many times in the trenches with the client when it comes to the design process.  Graphic designers are discussing everything with the client from logo design, web design, and packaging design.  If the client has big enough pockets she might hire an advertising agency who can handle all things design and marketing like TV commercials, radio, billboard ads, printed brochures, business cards, direct mail campaigns, email marketing, and much more.  Graphic designers are smart bunch to know everything about everything, but I think the smarter graphic designers surround themselves with a team of professionals from all these different areas so when ever a client asks for some packaging design she’s got the packaging fabricator right there to help with the process.  Having this team at the ready can make for a smoother project and a happier client.

Martin Sign Company can be your sign professional that you call when the client is talking about a redesign of their sign program.  We have extensive experience consulting and project managing  sign projects large and small to make that your job just a tad bit easier.  Many times when a client is changing or updating her signage it might mean a logo change or color changes, so that means that other parts of the clients business is changing.  A logo change means that the business card and brochures are changing.  The packaging design is changing and the website is changing.

The most successful projects that I have been on are when the graphic designer gets me involved early in the brain storming phase of the project.  Signs can be expensive and the bigger the more time consuming the fabrication can be for these signs.  If you are a graphic designer you will come up with fantastic ideas, but as a sign professional I’ll be consulting to see if these brilliant ideas can become a reality.  If I am brought on early I can bring material samples and even photos of other jobs where similar ideas were explored.  I can talk about timing and ball park pricing to help set reasonable expectations for the client.  The most important thing that a sign professional can bring to the table are the things that is not usually thought of when brain storming happens.  We can discuss permits for the exterior signs, ease of changing the signs if necessary, and alternative technology for cost savings.  For clients that have multiple store locations execution of a seamless install of the new signs can be discussed as well.

Martin Sign Company does not do graphic design.  We are a company that is a team member of graphic designers.  We want to work with you and your clients to come up with the best design options for the best results.  In the end you’ll have a happy client with a great design and with great signage.  So please think of Martin Sign Company for your next sign project.

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