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I don’t know if you have heard but Facebook is huge.  What I like most about Facebook is that it is actually a very cool place to keep a portfolio of your work.  If you are an artist or a business that is a very visual Facebook can compliment your business by putting photos of your work in albums.

The whole world is on Facebook so they are already logged on.  So Martin Sign Company will probably be in front of more eyes being on Facebook than by having a website.  Both are needed but the whole world is not logged on checking out so as a business man I need to go where the eyes are.

On the MSC Facebook page ( can check out our latest work and videos of the signs that we are pumping out.  I’ll probably share additional info about other projects that are in the queue.

If you are a client of MSC I invite you to check us out on Facebook to leave your feedback, or ask questions about signs.  MSC gets most of its business from referrals from happy clients so please share the love and share our work with your friends.

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