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Real estate signs in San Francisco have to adapt to the building they are going in front of.  For you Realtors out there in the San Francisco Bay Area, your listings come in all different shapes and sizes.  You have everything from condos to the multi-million dollar mansions, tenants in common to the high rise apartments to single family homes.  Let’s not forget all the different types of commercial real estate as well.

Just like your real estate listing your signs need to adapt as well to the kind of traffic you are looking for.  If you have a house that is lucky enough to have a yard you might use a yard sign that can post into the ground, but what if you are selling a flat that has a sidewalk for a front yard?  What is your sign solution for a sidewalk front yard?

I don’t know who invented these standard sizes, but as long as I have been in the sign business the standard size of a real estate sign has been 18″ x 24″ or 24″ x 24″.  These are the most common sizes of real estate signs, so much so that most sign supply companies have these sizes at the ready for order which helps keep the cost down in the fabrication.  With these standard sizes also comes the mounting hardware which fits these sizes so if you are mounting your real estate sign into the ground or on a wall over the sidewalk you can use the same sign.

Another residential sign which I think all Realtors are familier with are the sidewalk a-frames.  These a-frames can be put on various corners around the neighborhood advertising an open house.  A-frames get beat up and blown over by the wind, but they are effective.  If you are a real estate agent and you have 5 a-frames at any given open house you should with a-frames that are light in weight.  If you go heavy you will not have a fun time throwing these a-frames in the back of you car at the end of a open house.

There are other types of real estate signs that are less traditional but equally as effective in San Francisco.  In commercial real estate you can use the store front windows of the ground floor as billboards to advertise the space.  This assumes that the ground floor is vacant of course, but think of these windows as a large canvas.  Instead of showing dark gloomy windows you can brighten up the space to show graphically designed artwork that might show your potential buyer or renter what life might be like renting this space.  Yes covering these windows are more expensive than just putting a small plastic sign in the window, but commercial real estate is very expensive to have go vacant for too long so why not get as many eyes looking at that space in a hurry with colorful graphics.

If your commercial real estate space on the ground floor is taken and you can’t put up a window covering or mural, than an alternative is to do a projection banner on the side of building.  These types of signs require a permit from the city, but they would serve all the parties involved.  It would help the owner to add some value to the space since projection banners can be a spot where the tenant can put their sign after the space is leased.  These banners can range from small to very large so visibility can be huge if you own a building in the middle of the block on a one way street.  For the leasing agent of the commercial property she can get great visibility with a projection banner.  And for the tenant moving in they get another spot to put a sign after they open.  If and when the tenant moves out the owner can use the same poles and possible the same “space available banner” to advertise the space again.

If you’d like to learn more or get a free consultation on your sign program for your real estate company or commercial property please call Martin Sign Company at 415-336-7960 or email us at  You can also visit our contact page to tell us more about your sign project.

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