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Welcome new readers to the Martin Sign Company blog.  My name is Marty Wall, and I started Martin Sign Company with the intention of being a boutique shop in the San Francisco Bay Area.  My goal is use the extensive experience I have as a sign fabricator, illustrator, and as a salesman to give clients of Martin Sign Company superior service and the highest of quality in signage.

Here at MSC I believe that sign can be an art form.  It takes craft and creativity to take a clients vision and put it into physical form.  From a simple drawing on a napkin there are many elements to a sign to be considered and the true professionals in the sign industry really do take the time to make sure all the variables are weighed before making the first cut.  Size, color, material, hardware, environment, business location are just the scratch of the surface that a sign professional needs to discuss with a client about their sign.

Signs are everywhere.  We look at signs subconsciously all the time with out any care to how they might have been made.  But if you ever hang around a true sign craftsman, he or she can not help but go up to a sign that catches her eye and touch the sign and see how it is made.  This is what makes signs a very tangible and useful art form. They can glow, take on other shapes, fill up space, move, give instruction, educate us, keep us safe, and inspire us to take action.  Walk into your local art gallery with any of these traits in mind and you might look at the signs at your local deli with a little more appreciation.

So if signs can be considered art we at MSC want to show off our works of art.  Here on this website we not only have a portfolio that will show our best work, but we want to keep up on a blog to share what we are working on and what the newest technology in signs might be.  We want to work with your business along side your graphic designers to help come up with the strongest presentation of your signage.

To contact us, please visit our contact page or give me a call.


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