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Project Description

Here are some van graphics that we did for Service Team of Professionals in San Francisco. Van graphics are a great way to broadcast the product and services you provide. As a great bonus when the van is parked on a job site all the people that are living in the neighborhood or people who are passing by, they will see your van and the services you provide and they might take note.

Some of things to consider when designing your van graphics are size, what information do you want on each side, and colors. I think the most important thing to consider is size and information. The size is important since people might be looking at the van while passing the van on the highway or on the street while in a car so they need to be able to read the graphics very clearly. If the text is too small then the reader might not read the graphics while driving past at 30 mph.

The information that you put on the van is important as well, as I think the graphics need to be simple and easy to remember. Do not have any complicated URL’s or long descriptions of your services. A short list of one word services will do. Better yet which is best described on the Service Team of Professionals van you should use visual icons that describe what services that you provide.

Project Details