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Van Meter Williams Pollack bannerConstruction Job Site Branding Using Banners

Construction jobs sites can be large and are a perfect place to put up banners with your company’s branding. Construction job sites are a place where new buildings are being built. People will be driving and walking by your construction site for weeks or months so its important to put a good brand on the job site to let people know who is responsible for this new improvement or creation. The types of companies who need to advertise on a construction job site are construction companies, contractors, architects, designers, city planners, civic organizations, and future tenants of the project. Banners are also good for advertising space available for the space that is being built like apartments or office space.

There are many places you can put the construction job site banners. The most obvious is at the job site entrance which might be on a fence or a barricade. Construction banners come with durable grommets in the corners and all along the perimeter of the banner so the sign can be hung and taken down with ease.

Another popular place to put a construction job site banner is on the scaffolding. On job sites where work is being done on an existing building often time scaffolding is used. The scaffolding is often covered with a mesh material to not only prevent stuff from flying off the scaffolding, but it also covers the ugliness of the construction job site. This mesh covering is a great place to put branding. A well placed banner with a logo can get a ton of visibility from far away.

You can also put construction job site banners on the construction trailer as well. Because vinyl banners are light and mobile they are easy to hang with out a lot of structure behind them. They can be hung on the construction trailer with only a few holes.

Construction job site banners can also be designed and mounted to large equipment. A good example of this is a large crane. Mesh banners can be fabricated to be mounted to the crane so when its high up in the air your company’s logo will hover above the job site to be seen from miles away.

Here is an example of a recent job we finished for a San Francisco architectural firm Van Meter Williams Pollack. This banner is a 13oz banner 90″ x 90″ with hems and grommets all the way around.


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