San Francisco Screen Printing

salumeria chalkboard sign

A screen printed chalk board side walk sign.

Screen Printing For Everything From A-Frames to Menu Boards

Do you have a business that needs a lot of signs that look the same?

Martin Sign Company handles San Francisco screen printing for a wide range of companies. In fact, we work with everyone from realtors to car dealerships to restaurants that need A-frames to capture people’s attention as they drive or walk by a specific address.

We do San Francisco screen printing for restaurants and cafés who need menu boards to promote daily specials and what’s available to eat, drink, and make their customers merry.

We do San Francisco screen printing for contractors who need magnetic signs, as well as creating traffic signs for colleges or schools.

Screen printing is great for jobs where you need a large quantity of signs where the images are the same. By using screen printing you keep the cost per unit down.

Or if you have a shop in a mall, a hair salon, a nail salon, or just about any other kind of walk-in retail business, we’d be more than happy to provide you with a free quote. Just call us today at 415.335.9044.

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