Sidewalk Signs for Days

Martin Sign Company has been a sidewalk sign factory!

As of late Martin Sign Company has been building a bunch of sidewalk signs. Sidewalk signs or a-frames come in many shapes and sizes. Some are plastic, some have a steel construction, some are metal, and some are a combination of plastic and metal.

Sidewalk signs are great because they are mobile. You can reach your customers from the sidewalk right outside your store front or down the street when you place your sign on the corner. You can customize your message every day with a chalkboard sidewalk sign or put colorful pictures on your a-frame to grab the attention of people walking by.

Some of the companies that can benefit from using sidewalk signs might be a bar or restaurant where they might advertise a happy hour or a daily special. Hair salons and spas can use a sidewalk sign showing a list of different services and packages that people might want while they are out shopping. Coffee shops and cafes can use a sidewalk sign to promote a special drink or free wi-fi.

At Martin Sign Company we specialize in custom hand crafted signs and there is lot to be said about making a sidewalk sign that is totally unique and custom. People will notice something that is different and stands out. But if a custom sidewalk sign is not in your budget then there are a bunch of stock sidewalk signs that are available on our online store or you can talk with your Martin Sign Company sign professional to get the sidewalk sign that best fits your business and your budget.

Check out these sidewalk signs from our portfolio.


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