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Vinyl Graphics can make all the difference!

Vinyl window graphics are a great way to  add some spice to those windows on your store front.  Many people take these signs for granted, but there are some tricks to window graphics that can make a big difference to people walking into your store vs. walking past to your competitor.

The two things that matter to me when dealing with vinyl window graphics is size and color.

First a little about size.  I’ll admit it, being an old sign sales person and now a sign business owner, I’m a big fan of bigger is better.  But when it comes to readability and getting noticed by people walking or driving by a big logo or big text will be read easier than smaller text.  This elementary but you’d be surprised how often people ask me what size they should make it.  I tell them to go big.

There are some exceptions to this however.  Any graphic designer will tell you that you don’t want your text or logo going to edge to edge of the window.  You can certainly do this but if you do this you need to work with a designer to make sure that this is designed tastefully in the window.  Typically if a client of mine asks me to make the text or graphics as big as possible I will tell my designer to indent the graphics a tasteful amount so it doesn’t butt right up next to the edge of the glass.

Another exception to going big on graphics is if your business is a higher end shop.  If you are a shop or store that is built on reputation and outside sales, or maybe you have large displays of your products in the windows that you don’t want to cover, maybe you should consider not going big on the logo in the window.

Now onto color.  Glass takes on the colors that are behind it.  But even if you have white walls on the interior of the store the glass may still appear dark because the wall maybe far away from the glass or maybe the lights are dim on the interior.  What this means is that your window will probably take on a very dark color.  So for many clients the answer is using a light color on the glass to contrast with the dark glass.  This is why many vinyl window graphics are made out of white vinyl because this is the highest contrast which along with the size of the graphics create readability with your customers.

Signs that go well with your vinyl graphics

Signicade_Deluxe_White-detailIf you have a store front on the ground floor you might consider a couple of other signs to compliment your window graphics.  You might consider a sidewalk sign.  Sidewalk signs (also called a-frames) can be cost effective and colorful.  They sit outside of your store front and greet the passerby face to face.  You can add features to the a-frame like literature holders or chalk boards so you can give your potential customers more information.

You might also consider putting a poster on the inside of the window that would hang from the ceiling.  These poster holders hang from a wire set back from your window a bit.  The posters compliment your vinyl graphics well.  The poster can be easily changed to keep up with you promotions.  Since the poster(s) are behind the glass they ad a bit of dimension to your display.  The poster holders are easy to change and they have a modern clean design to them.

The sidewalk sign, poster holders and vinyl graphics are all offered at Martin Sign Company.  You can shop our online store or give us a call for a free consultation at 415-729-4451.  Or fill out our contact form and we’ll give you a call to talk about your next sign project.

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