Standing Out With Dimensional Signs

Exterior Dimensional Signs Help Advertise Your Company! When it comes to advertising your business, exterior dimensional letters are a highly effective option to consider. Unlike flat signs, dimensional letters add depth and texture, making them more visually appealing and attention-grabbing. Here are some benefits to advertising your business with exterior dimensional letters: Increased Visibility: The [...]

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Acrylic Letters for the Win!

Acrylic Letters Make Any Wall Pop! Logos come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. Acrylic letters from Martin Sign Company we can make all the logos you want and install them for you. One of the things about starting a business is that you should always have something that is different about your company [...]

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A Good Logo Design Makes a Good Sign For Your Business

A good designer equals a good logo design equals a good sign for your business I often tell new companies that I'm working with on their signs that our signs are only as good as the artwork that is given to us. A good logo design is the best way to make any sign look [...]

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Retro Movie Production Logos

I think these funny.  It reminds me of my old TV growing up with the antenna and old VCR. I remember some of these like the guy throwing the paper and it becoming a logo, and the old Mickey Mouse neon 3D one. You know the people when they created these short production logo animations [...]

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