New Vehicle Graphics for Metro Eighteen

Killer Vehicle Graphics for Metro Eighteen San Francisco Metro Eighteen of San Francisco approached Martin Sign Company for some new vehicle graphics on one of their contractor vehicles. Metro Eighteen is a company that delivers a variety of home electrical services like audio/visual, home security, and lighting controls. While their contractors are out working hard [...]

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Preparing your Vehicle for Vinyl Graphics

Tips and tricks to consider on preparing your vehicle for long lasting vinyl graphics I think its happened a thousand times. A company with a fleet of vehicles come to the shop to have vinyl graphics put on their truck or van and the whole vehicle is covered in filth. This might seem like not [...]

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Vehicle Graphics for Mischa’s Photography

Vehicle graphics make a truck, van and even a car look great! The latest project at Martin Sign Company of San Francisco was some vehicle graphics for a San Francisco photographer Mischa from Mischa's Photography.  But Mischa doesn't have a large truck or van.  He has a car.  Mischa also doesn't have a [...]

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