Custom Stencils

Custom Stencils for cool effect or a quick fix

Martin Sign Company can help you with your custom stencils whether you want a particular stencil look for your sign or you are in need of a quick sign solution.  The types of people that might be interested in stencils are artists, contractors, musicians, property managers, hotels, event planners, and shipping companies.  There are several different types of stencils too.  There are the stencils that can be used over and over again, and the one time use stencils.  The reusable stencils are usually made out of a hard plastic with the text or shapes cut out of it.  They are light can be used over and over again.  A contractor would want this type of stencil if they have heavy machinery or equipment on a job site so they can quickly spray paint their logo on the equipment.  In a perfect world the equipment would have a sign made out of nice graphics, but sometimes this is not cost effective and the equipment can’t be out of commission so a custom stencil with the contractors logo can easily solve this problem.

Temporary stencils can be made out of paint mask or vinyl graphics which is an adhesive back material.  If you only had to do one stencil for some artwork or for a unique sign that you don’t plan to duplicate you would use this solution.  Vinyl graphic stencils can be more cost effective and can sometimes have more detail.

Stencils are also very good to use when you are using paint to put onto concrete or rough surfaces.  If you want to put a directional arrow on a concrete wall in a parking garage until the real sign is made this would be a quick fix.

Musicians might use a stencil to label all of their boxes that they haul their speakers and musical equipment in.  This way they know which boxes are theirs and it won’t get mixed up with another bands equipment if they are at a venue where multiple bands are playing.

If you’d like to check out some stencil art that I found on the internet you can read up about it on Wikipedia or check out some stencil are on YouTube.

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    I wanted to see if you can make a stencil of our logo and how much that might cost. Thanks!

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