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Vinyl graphics on a black car.

Vehicle graphics make a truck, van and even a car look great!

The latest project at Martin Sign Company of San Francisco was some vehicle graphics for a San Francisco photographer Mischa from Mischa’s Photography.  But Mischa doesn’t have a large truck or van.  He has a car.  Mischa also doesn’t have a large fleet of cars like ZipCar or City Car Share.  But this is the beauty of vehicle graphics.  Vehicle graphics can be made easily for one vehicle or 300 vehicles. Vehicle graphics are made from vinyl and can be done very cost effectively.

Vehicle graphics at its core are adhesive back decals that are applied to the vehicle like a bumper sticker.  The most traditional vehicle graphics are the one or two color vinyl that is put on the vehicle one color at a time.  You can also do your vehicle graphics out of digital printed vinyl which means you can have a million different colors and even photographs.

For Mischa Photography he wanted a simple and clean look that would go well with his black car.  He wanted to show up to a wedding or on location photo shoot and have his car advertise his business while parked in front.  And that is what vehicle graphics can do for you.  If done right the vehicle graphics will be your own personal billboard where ever you drive or park.  You never know when someone might be walking or driving by and think to themselves, “You know I to get that head shot for my website.  I should call Mischa!”

When you are planning to put vehicle graphics on your truck, van or car, its important to think about the information that you want to have on the car.  The logo is a no brainer.  But what other information?  Phone numbers are nice because if someone is driving and can remember your phone number or if they can write it down then its nice to have.  Any more though, I think at the very minimum you should have the website on the vehicle along with the logo.  The website is even more memorable than the phone number since the URL often times is the name of the company.

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