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Project Description

Mozilla bikes have digital graphic customization on the front and back fenders, the chain guard, the seat tube, and on the panniers and the little bell on the handle bars.

This job was the brain child of Amy and Kurt from Bikes Make Life Better. Mozilla had approached them about making a custom fleet of bikes for the bike commuting program for their employees. The goal was to take these dutch style Public Bikes and create a branded and fun looking way to ride while they are commuting to work in San Francisco. The end result was using the flames out of the Firefox logo and add them to various parts of the bike to give a hint of its parent company Mozilla. To complete the ensemble we added the Firefox logo to the pannier in the back and the same logo to the bell.

What bike rider would be complete without a bike helmet to match this awesome bike? So we created a matching Mozilla bike helmet so that not only would the rider be safe but she would be riding in style.


It’s hard to put into words how extraordinary Martin Sign Co is. They are extremely creative and take the seed of an idea to spin all kinds of new and exciting ideas. AND, they nail the execution. They’re always fast and on time. Plus, they’re fun to work with. That’s a rare combination. I would turn to them with any environmental graphics needs, no matter how typical or far afield. I’d give them 100 stars if Yelp would let me :))

– Amy Harcourt –

Project Details