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Channel Letters Sign make any logo more visible

Channel letters in San Francisco are one of the best ways to make a logo pop. Let Martin Sign Company make your logo illuminate with LED’s to mount to your store front or lobby reception. LED letters are energy efficient and low maintenance for the office manager or business owner. Channel letters use 10 times less energy than neon which is good for the environment and great on the wallet. LED signs are more durable because neon are glass filled with gas.

Illuminated channel letters come in a wide variety of finishes. Here are the most common types.

LED Channel Letters


Front lit signs have a aluminum construction with a acrylic face so when illuminated the face of the letters are illuminated. The faces of the letters can have a wide variety of color vinyls applied to the face to change the colors. All the returns of the letters can be custom painted any color for unique look.


Halo lit channel letters have a solid aluminum or steel face and returns but with an acrylic back. Halo lit letters are spaced off the wall or surface so when illuminated the lite reflects off the wall surface making the logo and letters appear back lit. Halo lit letters are great for businesses that might be in quiet neighborhoods where large illuminated signs might not be welcome. Because they cast less light this style will give the business a more subtle look.

Channel letter signs

Halo Lit Channel letters - Martin Sign


Channel letters are perfect for all types of businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Technology companies might use channel letter signs in their reception lobby or the exterior of their head quarters. Illuminated logos are perfect for banks and hospitals. Restaurants and retail stores also can use LED letters. Channel letters can also be used at gyms and fitness centers.  Contact a Martin Sign Company sign professional to get a quote on your signs today.