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Dimensional Letters

Martin Sign Company can handle all your dimensional letters in San Francisco and the Bay Area

Dimensional letters in San Francisco are a very effective way to make your sign stand out from the rest the crowd. As opposed to a flat sign like vinyl and digital graphics, a sign made with dimensional letters or shapes will give the viewer the impression of a higher-end, more established company. Dimensional letters are also a very versatile type of sign. Not only can the letters be made out of acrylic, metal, and wood, these letters can be made large and mounted to the outside of a building or small and mounted to a reception area of an office building.

Martin Sign Company can create your company logos out of dimensional letters as well. With technology like water jet and laser jet routers your logo can be made large and small with precision. and there is no problem if your logo has multiple colors or custom Pantone colors. By using each color as a different layer on your logo, you can create interesting dimensional effects that will really pop off your wall.

Types of businesses that can use dimensional letters for their business, can be technology companies, insurance companies, banks, hotels, law firms, advertising agencies, restaurants, and much more.