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Window Wraps and Coverings

Martin Sign Company offers complete window covering services. Window coverings can come in a couple different flavors. If you are a retail store, you might use your street level store front windows to advertise with high resolution color graphics. A retail store or office building facing the sun for much of the day might want solar film window coverings for temperature control and energy efficiency. A company with glass walls on their offices and conference rooms, privacy film window coverings might be the right solution. A store front in an urban environment might want a anti-graffiti film window coverings solution to protect expensive windows from random vandalism.

Digital Graphic Window Wraps

Complete window covering with high resolution digital graphics.

Digital printed graphic window coverings on a set of windows or a whole store front is a great way to get attention. At Martin Sign Company, we can help work with your designers to do the complete site survey to get measurements for all the windows that need covering. After the design is approved, we can print the graphics in several different types of materials. We also can install the window graphics on the retail store or job site location.

One popular type of digitally printed window covering is one way window film. These graphics are perforated so that people can’t see in, but from inside people can see out. This is a popular product for commercial realtors who want to showcase empty property for lease. The future tenant can see out of the windows, but the colorful digital graphics on the outside keep the ugly mess on the inside from onlookers.

Martin Sign Company can also print digital graphic window coverings on regular adhesive-backed vinyl for a more vibrant look. Vibrant artwork and high quality printing can make your store front pop out from your neighbors.

Solar Film Window Coverings for Energy Efficiency

Martin Sign Company can help with your energy bill and your comfort level at your retail store or office. Solar film window coverings can be applied to your windows to help reflect some of the sun light. As a result the solar film will help keep your store or office building cooler. Also the solar films can help protect valuable inventory in your retail store. The sun can be harmful to anything that is exposed for long periods of time. Solar films can help protect this inventory.

Solar films are different than window tints. Solar films actually reflect a percentage of the light away whereas window tints still let the the light rays pass through the window.

Privacy Film Window Wraps for Your Office

Maybe your office has glass walls for your offices and conference rooms. You want the light to come in to make it feel like the office is open and has a lot of space, but you need your privacy so you can conduct your business. Privacy film window coverings, like etch glass vinyl, can be applied in a variety of sizes and can even have designs cut out of them. Privacy films can take on the character of your architecture and environment. Privacy window films can also come in a variety of colors, too.

Anti-Graffiti Film can be Your Window Insurance

We did a good job because you can’t tell there is solar film and anti-graffiti laminate on all these windows.

The store front windows for a retail store and restaurant can sometimes be the most appealing aspect of the business. Tall, clean windows can give the store or restaurant an open feeling. They can also show off the inviting environment on the inside and the merchandise you might be selling. Windows are also very expensive to replace. Vandalism can ruin you windows and make your restaurant or retail store less appealing. A solution to this is by applying anti-graffiti film to the face of your windows. This film can be like insurance on your windows. Instead of the graffiti damaging your glass, the graffiti just damages the film which can be replaced at a fraction of the price of replacing a window.

Free Quotes and Site Surveys

No matter what solution your business might need, Martin Sign Company offers free quotes and site surveys to find the window coverings solution that is right for you. We can show sample materials and even consult with you on design questions you might have. Getting a quote or site survey going is as easy as filling in the “Request for Quote” form below. Fill out the form and one of our sign professionals will give you a call to schedule an appointment.