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Hand Painted Signs

Hand painted a-frame for La Boulange

Hand Painted Signs by a San Francisco Sign Company

Hand Painted signs are a classic way to do your sign. A paint brush in a skilled artist’s hand can give your sign a dynamic vintage look. Hand painted signs used to be the way all signs were made. In a world of digital printers and machines hand painting has lost its market share, but it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t gone away. Since so many businesses are using digital printing to do their signs, hand painted signs can be a very unique and original way to do your sign projects.

There is not much science to hand painted signs. You need a artist, a brush, paint and a canvas to paint on. Hand painting can last a long time too and in my opinion hand painted signs get better with age. The longer you old logo is up on the side of a brick building the more established your business looks even after its aged a bit.

Whether you have a large or small sign that is needed to be done, Martin Sign Company can help you with your custom hand painted sign project. Hand painted signs can be sidewalk signs, window signs, hanging signs, vehicles, menu boards, super graphics on the side of buildings, murals, directional signs for garages and stadiums.

If you would like to get a free quote and consultation be sure to visit our contact page to let us know about your custom hand painted sign project.