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Wall Coverings and Murals

Wall coverings and murals are a popular way to decorate a office environment. At Martin Sign Company we offer printing fabrication and full installation of wall coverings and murals for office and work environments. Colorful wall coverings and murals can brighten a open workplace. Colorful artwork and photography blown up to a billboard size can inspire creativity.

Wall coverings and murals are popular for tech companies, advertising firms, financial firms, and retails stores and shopping centers. Wall coverings and murals can be done in stairwells, kitchen walls, bathroom walls, hallways, elevator lobbies, conference rooms, and reception areas.

Here are some examples of wall coverings and murals that we have printed and installed for companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you would like to have free consultation on wall covering and murals for your office environment please contact Martin Sign Company and speak to a sign professional today.