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ADA Signs

Martin Sign Company offers custom ADA signs

Custom ADA signs by Martin Sign Company can give your office or building a good look. ADA signs are not for the faint of heart. The regulations can be long and hard to understand, but they are required for many high rise building and public places. ADA signs don’t have to be difficult if you look to Martin Sign Company the sign professionals to design, fabricate, and install the signs you need.

ADA Consultation

Whether you have full architectural drawings or if you need a sign professional to walk your building to find the signs you need, Martin Sign Company will consult with you and your general contractor or architect to get the signs you need to pass an inspection or create the ADA signs for your new building. As part of our consultation we can provide material samples and free quotes so that you can make the best decision for your sign program.

Design Services

You can count on Martin Sign Company to work with your design team or we can be your design team for all your ADA sign needs. At a reasonable rate MSC can help design your ADA sign program with your choice of materials and we can make sure the designs will pass your inspection. MSC will also work with your architect, general contractor, or interior designer to come up with the best design solution for your sign program.

Fabrication Services

Plastic or metal finishes – it doesn’t matter. Martin Sign Company can take the designs that you approve to production. Many ADA sign programs have many different signs with sometimes many signs being completely different. For example, a new apartment building might have 200 units and every sign being a different number. Martin Sign Company has a passion for perfection so you’ll know the fabrication is done correctly and done on time.

Installation Services

Once your ADA signs are fabricated, Martin Sign Company also offers installation of the signs. As part of regulations, ADA signs have to be installed properly in order to be compliant. Martin Sign Company can ensure that the signs are installed correctly. If you are a new construction project you might have architectural drawings and MSC can read and follow those drawing to make sure the signs are installed right the first time.
Some of the signs we can design, fabricate and install for you are:

  • Unit Signs
  • Restroom Signs
  • Evacuation Maps
  • Room ID Signs
  • Conference Room Signs
  • Parking Lot Signs
  • Exit Stair Signs
  • Directory Signs
  • Stairwell Signs
  • Directional Signs