La Boulange Barricade 2016-09-15T10:41:11+00:00

Project Description

Here is our latest job, the La Boulange Barricade at the Westfield Shopping Centre in San Francisco under the Dome. This is a construction barricade and it needed to be wrapped in colorful graphics. The Westfield Shopping Centre also requires that we work in the middle of the night while there are no shoppers around. This barricade is 40′ long and 20′ deep and at 7′ tall.

Construction barricades are a great place to put up really colorful eye catching graphics that will bring a lot of hype to the coming store or restaurant. Even while we were putting these graphics up, people were taking pictures and asking questions. Think about the attention your company would get after having the construction barricade up for 5 weeks or longer with great looking graphics.

Project Details