It’s Go Time for a Gametime Sign

Gametime Scores a New Sign in Their Hallway Lobby

One of our latest projects using 3D acrylic letters we did for Gametime App in San Francisco. Gametime was expanding into a brand new office on Market Street in San Francisco, and that meant that they needed a new sign in their elevator lobby and in their open space. Gametime App has a service where you can buy tickets to events last minute through an app.

Gametime got creative and for the elevator lobby. Martin Sign Company was hired to create painted white flat cut acrylic letters and mount them to some artificial turf. This was something MSC hadn’t tried before so it came with some challenges.

First challenge was that the artificial turf does not come in perfect 4′ x 8′ rectangles. So in order to cover the full 4′ x 8′ size of the sign we had to splice two panels of artificial turf together while minimizing the seam on the sign. We had a cut the backing of the artificial turf in a way that the turf would overlap at an angle to hide the seam.

The signs have been the heart of the office. Especially the turf frame. It is the first impression of Gametime for guest to get pumped about and for the employees to walk up to everyday and start their day off with an epic visual of the brand! -Jessica Siao, Gametime

Second challenge was that we had to create a big enough frame to hold the turf and the board that the letters are mounted. With this size of a sign it becomes very heavy and so you need a frame with some substantial strength so as to hold the weight as well as the cleat that will be mounted to the back for mounting to the wall. We made the frame out of wood. This way we could mount a metal cleat to the back along the top to carry the weight when on the wall. We then supported the back with aluminum cross braces to ensure the frame wouldn’t fall apart while transporting.

The last challenge was that the sign didn’t fit into the elevator going up to the 7th floor! Our client had to scramble to find some movers that were in the building to help Roland and I navigate up the tight staircase to get the sign where it needed to go. We had to lean the sign on end and carry it landing to landing taking a short break at each landing to catch our breath and regroup for the next set of stairs. I feel sorry for the next sign shop that Gametime hires to move this sign when they move to a bigger space.  🙂

When all was said and done the sign is up and turned out great.

Here are some action photos of the construction of the sign we built for Gametime.





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