Halo-lit Channel Letters for Dialpad

Halo-lit Channel Letters Help Office Reception Light Up

Dialpad need a sign for their new office reception in downtown San Francisco. So they dialed up Martin Sign Company to help them with their halo-lit channel letters. Before MSC was involved, Dialpad didn’t have any logo or any sign on their walls. When clients or visitors would show up to their office there was no branding on the walls. By putting a sign up on the wall, Dialpad would help their visitors reassure them that they are in the right place.

The solution Dialpad was looking for were halo-lit channel letters. This type of sign is made out of custom painted aluminum welded into a 3D shape. Each letters are individual and have white LED’s inside them. Because the letters are mounted spaced off the wall the LED’s shine through the back of the letter reflecting off the back wall. The light reflecting off the back wall gives each letter a little halo look. This look can be very subtle giving the reception area where the sign is going a elegant look.

Halo-lit channel letters are the perfect type of sign for instances where a company doesn’t want a sign that is too bright for the environment. Reception areas in an office environment is a good example. Clients like Dialpad may not want their sign to be front lit for example which might over power the other interior decorations. A sign in these conditions are meant to be seen but not overshadow the other elements in the room, like the furniture, artwork, plant life, or a panoramic view of the city. The sign needs to blend in. So the halo-lit channel letters are a good solution.

For more information on how you can get halo-lit channel letters for your office reception please reach out to a sign professional at Martin Sign Company for a free consultation.

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