San Francisco Custom Menu Boards Are My “Bread and Butter” Projects

Squat and Gobble digital printed menusMartin Sign Company provides San Francisco Custom Menu Boards

Let’s say that you had one restaurant in a very prominent location in downtown San Francisco and that you needed a new menu board.

Now, let’s say that you entrusted a sign professional from Martin Sign Company with your multi-panel San Francisco custom menu boards to bring every salad, appetizer, entrée, menu and beverage to life so that hundreds of customers could order from them daily.

Well, that’s exactly what happened with one client, then another, then another for Martin Sign Company.

We like to think it’s because we have a large appetite for food of all types ––and for creating beautifully printed San Francisco custom menu boards that showcase the food for our café and restaurant clients.

In fact, our San Francisco custom menu boards can be digitally printed, screen printed, magnetic or even chalk boards. Martin Sign Company can consult with you and your design team on the many options you have for your custom menu boards.

You can also mix-and-match different types of printing with your custom menu boards. For example, you can use dimensional letters above each category such as Breakfast, Lunch, Salads, Sandwiches, Entrees and Beverages on the wall above each section to draw more attention of your customer’s eyes.

Since 1993 Squat and Gobble has been known for our classic chalk board menus and their artistic designs. With 5 locations now throughout San Francisco, changing our menus and prices aren’t as simple due to the intense labor the artist requires. In order to stay current and up to date with the food industry, we decided to switch over to a digital print menu board, which is much easier to produce and very time efficient.

We were happy to use Martin Sign Company because they worked with our graphic designer and took great care in helping us come up with the best solution for each of our five locations. Digital printing has allowed us to change our menus quickly and as often as we feel it be appropriate. The quick turn around saves us money and helps our menus stay current without head aches. -JJ Sweidan Operation Manager for Squat & Gobble Cafe

By the way, San Francisco custom menu boards are one of our favorite projects. So if you see a menu board with tape over it, or the prices have been changed with a Magic Marker, let us know the address because that would be a great referral for Martin Sign Company. Contact us at 415.335.9044 and we’ll provide you with a free quote.

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