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Store Front Vinyl GraphicsVinyl Graphics Can Make Your Pilates Studio Dollars Stretch

If you were to see this Pilates studio in Sausalito California before we put in their window vinyl graphics you may not have known if they were open. At Core Pilates Sausalito their biggest window on the ground floor was covered with very old frosted vinyl graphics which didn’t allow people to see in. It covered so much of the window that it was really hard to tell if the studio was open. Frosted vinyl graphics are also very grey and neutral looking so it lacked color.

The owners of Core Pilates Sausalito approached Martin Sign Company to come up with a colorful vinyl graphic solution for this front window for a reasonable budget. Core Pilates has a very colorful logo as well using a couple different reds that if done right can add a splash of color to an other wise drab window. Working with the owners, they wanted the old frosted vinyl graphics gone. That was the obvious. The next part was to pick a size and the colors. One of the owners scheduled a visit where we were able to show physical color samples of the vinyl graphics and to pick the right kinds of red to use on the glass window. We ended up on some very rich looking reds and medium to light grey.

Next we tackled the size of the vinyl graphics. Taking down the ugly frosted vinyl graphics created a huge open space to the outside world. The goal is to make a sign big enough that it can be seen from a reasonable amount of distance but not make the window too covered so that it looks cluttered. Pilates and yoga are the types of fitness programs that many times require trainers and to hire trainers you need to make enough money to afford trainers and so a high end sophisticated look to the sign is required in order to attract the wealthy clientele. So simple is good. Along with the warm colors we picked a size that allowed for space all the way around the logo so that the passer by can focus more on looking into the studio rather than a feeling of being left out.

Without putting dollars and cents to it, vinyl graphics for windows are a very cost effective solution. The text is clean and sharp looking.  The colors are lively and pop off the window.  And compared to dimensional letters, digital displays, and illuminated signs, you can get vinyl graphics put on your window for a fraction of the price.

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