Dropbox Business Success Story: Upgrading To The Cloud for Better Client Collaboration

When you grow from two people to 10 and from a few projects to over 2,000 jobs, you need a much better way to track all of your designs and shared folders.
That’s why Martin Sign Company uses Dropbox Business. For one client in particular like a bakery chain, co-founders Marty Wall and Matt Cella, their employees, and their clients all know where the latest files can be found.

“Clients know exactly where to send us their art,” said Marty. “Or when they ask us to generate a proof, they can easily review and comment on our ideas.”

It Wasn’t Always This Easy to Collaborate.

When they first opened their doors in 2011, Marty and Matt didn’t want to use a secure server, burn DVDs or use external hard drives to send their designs to clients.

Their first so-called office was a 700-sq.ft. “closet” in the Mission District of San Francisco where they could keep in sync through frequent conversations and emails.

But when employee #3 was hired, the email traffic increased geometrically. Marty had been using a personal Dropbox account, so he decided to upgrade to Dropbox Business to help keep all of his files at everyone’s fingertips.

“We needed to get professional and we already knew and loved Dropbox,” added Marty. “We really wanted to invest in the right technology and make sure we were staying current.”

 As Scalable As The Cloud.

Marty knew that with Dropbox Business’ flexibility, “I can easily add a user at a moment’s notice or make a client’s life easier by sharing art in a folder. That scalability has allowed us to grow a lot faster than I thought was possible as a small business.”
Now, Martin Sign Company’s employees enjoy:

  • More fluid collaboration with clients
  • Increased productivity through mobile access
  • Better control over company creative assets
  • Enhanced collaboration in and out of the office
  • Finding the most recent files faster
  • Being able to adapt quicker to a changing market
  • Saving money by investing in growth

Saving a Ton of Money.
Finally, Marty said, “I know a lot of business owners spend around $25,000 on a server. That’s a ton of money we saved by using Dropbox instead, while getting easier access to our files.
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