Squat & Gobble Menu Boards

Squat & Gobble Fillmore Menu BoardsNew Menu Boards at Squat & Gobble Fillmore in San Francisco

Squat & Gobble and breakfast restaurant with five locations in San Francisco is now sporting a new look to their menu boards. Squat & Gobble approached Martin Sign Company to help implement a new menu board program to their five locations to replace what they had before. The old menu boards were done by hand on chalk board. Some of the issues of doing your menus all in chalk or pastel is that they have to be created by hand by a skilled artist and this artist can only produce menus so fast. For a restaurant like Squat & Gobble with multiple locations making sure that all their menus are up to date with the latest prices is very important. The artist can only create updated chalk board menus so fast.

So our solution for Squat & Gobble was a digital printed solution. Digital printing is a great solution for restaurants like Squat & Gobble that have many locations. Because digital printing is done by printers the printers can reproduce the colorful menus over and over again flawlessly in a very short amount of time. Menu which used to take months to reproduce and update by hand, can now be done a week or two and at a much better cost.

Another benefit to digital printed menu boards vs. hand drawn chalkboard menus is that digital printed graphics do not smudge or smear. For Squat & Gobble we put a matte finish laminate over the digital printed menus so that the menus can be cleaned from time to time.


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