Colorful Chalkboard Sandwich Board Signs

Add a splash of color to your chalkboard sandwich board signs

Who says that chalkboard signs should only be black and white? Why not add some color to your chalkboard sandwich board signs to grab more attention? White chalk on a black chalkboard give you the best contrast, but throwing a splash of color can get people to look again.

You should also experiment with different types of chalks on your chalkboard sandwich board sign. Chalks come in a bunch of different varieties. There are drawing chalks, colored chalks, pastels, and wet erase chalk markers. All of these varieties have a bunch of different brands so you should experiment with different brands and different types to get the color saturation and contrast that you are looking for. My personal favorite are chalks that are not too powdery much like the school chalkboard chalk. This type of chalk does not cover enough and the colors will not be vibrant enough.

You should also consider how often you might change your message. If you change your message every day, then you should pick a chalk that easily erasable so that your chalkboard sandwich board sign will last a long time. Chalkboards do get messy over time and if you use a chalk that doesn’t erase well then your chalkboard will get messy faster.

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