3D Acrylic Letters for a Yoga Studio

Yoga dimensional letters signPiedmont Yoga Studio takes on a fresh new look with 3D Acrylic Letters

Dimensional 3D acrylic letters for the Piedmont Yoga Studio in Oakland, CA is the fresh new look. Piedmont Yoga contacted Martin Sign Company to help them give a new look. Although Piedmont Yoga Studio has been in business at this location for many years, they felt that they needed 3D acrylic letters mounted flat against the wall to make a bigger impression.

3D acrylic letters are also a great way to make your sign stand out from the neighbors. 3D acrylic letters or aluminum letters can be cut in the shape of your logo. Acrylic or aluminum letters can also be painted any color of the rainbow. If you like a more metallic finish you can get a metal laminate finish for the acrylic or you can get the real thing in aluminum or steal letters. 3D acrylic letters can be a variety of thickness, but MSC usually starts companies out at 1/4″ thick since any thinner and you may as well not have 3D acrylic letters. For even a more unique look MSC can space the 3D acrylic letters off the wall so that you get more interesting shadows depending on how light shines on the sign.

Before Martin Sign Company was involved Piedmont Yoga Studio had no signs hanging on the wood facade. The side of the building is painted a mud brick color and the Piedmont Yoga Studio colors they like to use in their logo is a navy blue. With these color combinations the navy blue 3D acrylic letters would not look good if the letters were mount directly to the wood building. So the solution that MSC came up with is to mount the navy blue 3D acrylic letters to a painted white wood panel. This way the white wood panel would have a sharp contrast against the red of the building and the navy blue letters would have a high contrast with the white wood panel. This type of contrast is good for making the letters more visible.


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