Window Decals for Business

Window Decals for Business in the San Francisco Bay Area

At Martin Sign Company we specialize in the window decals for business in the San Francisco Bay Area. Window decals can be used in all different types of business. Hair salons, clothing stores, shoe stores, coffee shops, bakery’s, music stores, laundry mats, restaurants and bars.

What is a Window Decal?

Window decals are made out primarily adhesive back plastic called vinyl. Vinyl is a thin material that comes from a factory on rolls. These rolls are bought by sign companies that have computer guided plotters that cut the vinyl into shapes like letters. After the extra vinyl is taken away that is not needed what is left are the individual letters that make up the design of the window decals.

Window decals for business can also be full color images like photographs or illustrations. These are still made out of vinyl but this time the vinyl is run through a large printer. This printer can print a fast speeds and lay down millions of colors so what is left are large full color printed window decals.

Why use window decals for your business?

Window decals for business is a no brainer. If you have a store front with windows facing the sidewalk or street the question really is why don’t you have window decals yet? You windows are billboard. To the customer that is walking on the street your windows are a showcase to what is inside. But windows can be dark. Plain windows may not grab the attention of the customer that is walking by looking at her smart phone.

Colorful window decals for your business can grab that customers attention. With window decals you can announce a sale that is going on. You can list some of the top brands that you carry. You can have a list of services in window decals. You can have your store hours, your website, your phone number, your slogan, and a list of other locations. You can have decorative shapes or patterns to make your store front pop. You can have seasonal decorations or slogans like a Christmas theme or 4th of July. You can have window decals that show off your style to your potential customers. You can speak through your window decals to the age group you are trying to reach like young teenagers, middle class men, soccer moms and old ladies.

When window decals for business change on a frequent basis such as monthly or quarterly your customers might notice that you’ve changed your windows. Your customers will think that you have something new to offer. They may walk in and chat with you about what might be new. You have their attention! They are in your store! The rest is up to you. Window decals can only do so much.

How do you order your window decals for your business?

The process can be simple. Really all you need is a vision in your head as to what you want your window decals to say or look like. You can consult with a sign professional (like at Martin Sign Company)and they can guide you on making your vision come true. For the hands on types, you should consult with your design team like graphic designers to design a look and feel for your windows. It might be as simple as just adding your logo to the window to through a little color and life to those boring dark windows.

If you hire a graphic designer you should instruct the designer that your sign professional will need the artwork in a vector format such as Adobe Illustrator or an .eps file. This the file format that the sign professional needs in order to send the vinyl through the plotter to cut custom shapes. If you and your designer has chosen to go the route of using photography or illustrations on your windows than you should ask your sign professional at what resolution your designer should create the file so that the sign shop can print. At Martin Sign Company we like to have the resolution be 150 dpi at full size. At this resolution the quality of the image is still there and the file size isn’t so big that it crashes all the computers.

Once you have a design chosen you will get a quote from your sign professional to do the job of fabricating and installing your window decals for your business. Each shop is different but generally 3-5 days is enough for average size jobs. Covering a whole shopping center with vinyl graphics could take longer. If the job is super small the sign shop might be able to turn the job around quicker.

Call for a Free Quote

At Martin Sign Company we are happy to chat with you about your next set of window decals for business. Call us at 415-335-9044 or check out our request for quote page. For more samples of window decals for business check out our portfolio and these samples below.

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