Outdoor Banner for Move SF in San Francisco

outside banners San FranciscoMove SF gets a outdoor banner to be projecting out from the wall to get visibility

Move SF which is a boutique fitness center on California Street in San Francisco. They called on Martin Sign Company to design, fabricate, and install a outdoor banner that needed to be projecting out from the wall in order to maximize visibility with on coming traffic.

This vinyl banner is digital printed onto a 13oz banner material and mounted to welded steel and painted black poles with pole pockets on the top and bottom. The banner is 3′ x 10′ in size. In order to maximize the visibility of the outdoor banner we installed the top pole just below the set of window bays on the third story and installed the bottom pole just above the door to keep out of the way of walking traffic. This gave us the largest size and best impact while considering the artwork.

An outdoor banner like we did for Move SF is a great solution for retail businesses that are in the middle of a city block. Cars and foot traffic often zoom by the middle of the block with little thought of looking left or right so and outdoor banner that projects out from the wall will grab the attention of oncoming cars and customers who are walking from farther down the street. If Move SF had put a banner or sign against the wall and not projected it out, then people would only see the sign when they are practically on top of the location which not enough time to read or notice the business.

Some types of businesses that might need a outdoor banner mounted to their wall projecting out are real estate companies, fitness centers, clothing stores, auto body shops, hair salons, restaurants and laundry mats.

If you’d like to have an outdoor banner for your business please give us a call today to chat with a sign professional about a free quote.

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