Unleash Your Small Business Storefront’s Potential with Custom Window Covering Signage Solutions

Make Heads Turn and Hearts Race with Captivating Graphics that Demand Attention Martin Sign Company recently completed an exciting project for Baggu, a San Francisco-based retailer specializing in bags and accessories. The project involved creating custom digital printed window coverings that gave the illusion of an underwater environment. Using a combination of high-quality digital printing [...]

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Cloud Nine: How a Privacy Film and Custom Graphics Transformed a Conference Room

A Two-Layered Solution for Privacy and Aesthetics SmithGroup is a leading architecture, engineering, and planning firm with offices throughout the United States. Their San Francisco office needed a conference room privacy solution that would be both functional and visually appealing. So they turned to Martin Sign, a full-service sign company based in the Bay Area, [...]

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Transforming Office Privacy: Martin Sign Installs Privacy Film for San Francisco’s Amplitude

Martin Sign Company Delivers High-Quality Privacy Film Solutions for Modern Workplace Needs The need for privacy has become increasingly important in today's modern world. This is particularly true in office spaces where employees need to feel comfortable and secure in their working environment. One company that understands this need is Martin Sign Company, a leading [...]

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Golden Girls Kitchen Pop-Up in San Francisco

Martin Sign Company recently had the pleasure of assisting with the transformation of a shuttered, South-of-Market restaurant into the  Golden Girls Kitchen, a wildly popular drag-dinner club that is a must-see experience for fans of the popular TV show.  A fun and tasty menu accompanies a night of campy fun.  For their pop-up event in [...]

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Boost Your Business’s Visibility with Custom Vinyl Window Graphics

Grab that foot traffic when you can with vinyl window graphics Vinyl graphic window signs are an effective and affordable way for small businesses to promote their brand and attract customers. These signs are made from a durable vinyl material that can withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain their vibrant colors for years. They can [...]

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May The Force Be With Malwarebytes

One of our newest clients, Malwarebytes in Santa Clara, produces anti-malware software for both Mac and PC computers. It removes adware. It eliminates malware. It’s anti-ransonware. It’s anti-exploit. And it’s free. The company’s founder and CEO, Marcin Kleczynski, is known throughout the industry for his work in cybersecurity. He also is a huge Star Wars [...]

Lending Club Privacy Film

Our latest project was some privacy etch film for one of Lending Club's conference rooms at their headquarters in San Francisco. The glass walls of the conference rooms, although very nice looking, let the people in the room feel like they were in a fishbowl since the hallway adjacent was heavy in traffic. Martin Sign [...]

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Sign Installation of August 2014

Its been awhile since I posted a blog. I thought it would be fun to post a photo blog about some of the signs we did this last month. We had over 70 orders this month so I can't post all of them, but I want to highlight some of the cooler signs that we [...]

Window Decals for Business

Window Decals for Business in the San Francisco Bay Area At Martin Sign Company we specialize in the window decals for business in the San Francisco Bay Area. Window decals can be used in all different types of business. Hair salons, clothing stores, shoe stores, coffee shops, bakery's, music stores, laundry mats, restaurants and bars. [...]

Windows with Etch Glass Vinyl Look

VIP Lounge gets etch glass vinyl look with vinyl graphics One of our most recent installations was for the VIP Lounge at the San Francisco Westfield Shopping Centre. The client wanted the glass with a band of 36" tall etch glass vinyl with their logo cut out of the vinyl. This gives a very high [...]

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