Steel Letters for Signal Fx

Signal Fx had us do their logo on a living wall for their office. For this logo we did waterjet steel letters pin mounted to a wood reclaimed wood wall. The letters are spaced off the wall for a more dynamic look. Steel letters are a great for a modern look in a office. For [...]

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Time Lapse installation of a Digital Printed Mural

Martin Sign Company was hired by App Dynamics to print and install about 20 some digital printed mural graphics for their San Francisco office. For the largest Ice Cream mural we set up a camera to shoot every 25 seconds of the mural installation. We also did the same for the Painted Blue Elephant mural. [...]

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Linqia Gets some 3D Letters

3d Letters can make you a star! Linqia of San Francisco got some custom painted 3d letters on their freshly painted wall yesterday. The online matchmaker called Martin Sign Company to fabricate and install some 3D letters. Linqia's logo is not an easy logo to solve either when it comes to 3d letters. The Linqia [...]

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Windows with Etch Glass Vinyl Look

VIP Lounge gets etch glass vinyl look with vinyl graphics One of our most recent installations was for the VIP Lounge at the San Francisco Westfield Shopping Centre. The client wanted the glass with a band of 36" tall etch glass vinyl with their logo cut out of the vinyl. This gives a very high [...]

Dimensional Letters for EntropySoft

Custom dimensional letters in San Francisco At Martin Sign Company we also do dimensional letters just like we did for EntropySoft in San Francisco. EntropySoft had a blank wall in their office. In order to make a big impression on guests that come to visit they wanted to put a some custom dimensional letters on [...]

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Solving the ADA Signs Puzzle

[uds-billboard name="ADA Signs" ] Tips to keep your business in compliance with proper ADA Signs. There are many pieces to the puzzle when it comes to ADA signs. The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, set the standard for the civil rights of disabled persons in America. It is a wide-ranging law that not only [...]

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Vinyl Graphics for Law Firm

Law firm calls on Martin Sign Company for vinyl graphics For the law firm MacDonald Fernandez LLP at 221 Sansome Street in San Francisco we just completed vinyl graphics on their front glass door and the floor directory near their elevator. This job was a trick since the last time the vinyl graphics [...]

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