Linqia Gets some 3D Letters

Linqia 3d letters3d Letters can make you a star!

Linqia of San Francisco got some custom painted 3d letters on their freshly painted wall yesterday. The online matchmaker called Martin Sign Company to fabricate and install some 3D letters. Linqia’s logo is not an easy logo to solve either when it comes to 3d letters. The Linqia logo has many individual circles above the text in their logo. The individual circles also have 3 different shades of color as well.

The concern that we had at Martin Sign Company was that we had to install this logo onto a red wall and the color orange in the logo might not have enough contrast with the background red color. Through a series of  drawings made in the computer we were able to conclude with the client that the best option was to treat the logo as is without changing the color and that the red wall was not going to be an issue as once feared. This shows the value and cost effectiveness of doing drawings in the computer first prior to going to full production.

3D Letters are a great solution for any company who wants to make a big impression on their employees and their customers. A logo mounted to the wall in 3D is a great way to show stability. The 3d letters show that you’ve invested into your space and your brand and that you want to be around for the long haul. Call Martin Sign Company today to talk with a sign professional about your next 3d letter sign for your company.

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