Vinyl Graphics for Law Firm

Directory signs for MacDonald Fernandez LLP

Vinyl graphics on the inside sufrace of glass for the directory at 221 Sansome for MacDonald Fernandez LLP

Law firm calls on Martin Sign Company for vinyl graphics

For the law firm MacDonald Fernandez LLP at 221 Sansome Street in San Francisco we just completed vinyl graphics on their front glass door and the floor directory near their elevator. This job was a trick since the last time the vinyl graphics were done at this location was a long time ago.  The reason for the change was a name change from MacDonald & Associates to MacDonald Fernandez LLP.

The vinyl graphics were very old.  We could tell since the vinyl graphics were just flaking off like old paint.  Luckily these graphics were on glass so we could use a razor to scrap the graphics off with out harm to the mounting surface.  This wasn’t the most difficult challenge either.

The other challenge was matching the font from the existing graphics.  In case you don’t know, there are thousands of fonts so picking the right font is crucial since the we are only making a small change to the sign and not doing the whole sign over. My associate Matt Cella was skillful enough to find the correct font even though the client didn’t know the original font.

The other challenge was to find a color of graphics that would work.  When vinyl graphics get old they fade in color so matching the existing color is impossible.  The only options are to pick the original color and let it be slightly off with the rest of the sign that you are not changing or peel the whole window and redo it with the same color so it all matches.  This solution is also good if you can’t find the correct font.  For this job we found a vinyl color that was probably the original color and with the tinted glass you can barely tell.

Martin Sign Company did an incredible job on our new signs on our glass door and directory.  They were fast and professional, and the signs are beautiful.  In fact, we are hiring them back to put a sign on the building.      -Reno Fernandez

There were also physical obstacles that we had to deal with.  The directory that was near the elevator was a brass or bronze box that had a very heavy glass and metal frame that just barely fits into the opening so getting the glass out was tricky.  Any false move and the glass would come crashing down and ruining any sign professionals day. Again Matt was there to give a hand and we were able to get the glass out without any damage or drama.  We peeled the vinyl graphics on the back of the glass and replaced them with the new name.

Vinyl graphics are a very cost effective way to make your office signs. They are easy to change if you know the color and font. If you are property manager and your office building has a lot of turn over or if you are a company changing your name than consider vinyl graphics to use on your floor directory or front door.

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