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Vinyl Graphics can be one of the most common types of signs that a business would use for their store front business.  I’m not inventing something brand new and crazy by saying this but the most obvious way to use vinyl graphics would be to put your logo on the front window.

I know this is just blowing your mind.  You are like “Whoa man!  Your logo on the window outside your business?”

And I’m like “Yeah man!  That’s vinyl graphics man.”

There are many other ways to use vinyl graphics.  You can use vinyl for your store hours for example.  One of my favorite to decorate some large windows is by putting a banner at the bottom of the window with a list of the major items that they sell there, like “Coffee, Espresso, sandwiches, blood transfusions.”  You can then put in the center of the large windows your logo and its even better if the logo is multi-colored so you can do a contour cut digital print vinyl instead of a one color vinyl graphic.

Another flavor of vinyl graphics would be the etch glass vinyl.  This vinyl has a finish to it that make the glass look like its etched which is a very expensive and permanent way to decorate your glass.  Etch vinyl graphics are obviously not damaging your glass so you can always change it if you don’t like it or if your logo changes.  With this same type of vinyl you can lay down whole sheets of the etch glass to create some privacy behind the glass window if you don’t want the whole world to see what is going on.  Many restaurants do this at the bottom of the windows so people can’t see people’s legs or in more blunt language, “up women’s skirts.”

The other type of vinyl graphics for your business store front is just more of a mural.  With digital printing these days we can print bigger and better with more high resolution images.  A set of windows on a store front can be a canvas for you to decorate every season with different promotions for your retail store or restaurant.  This is a great way to keep people looking in to see what is going on at that coffee shop that does blood transfusions.

Large graphics or small Martin Sign Company can do them all.  So please don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us with your next vinyl graphics sign project.  Or for more information check out our vinyl graphics page.

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