La Boulange Menu Boards

Matt puts the finishing touches on the coffee menu.

Screen printed menu boards for La Boulange on Polk Street

Fresh out out of the Martin Sign Company shop are the La Boulange menu boards that should be going live in the next couple weeks.  (I’ll get photos when they do.)  La Boulange has been converting their menus to a screen printed menu from vinyl graphics.  Screen printing has a unique flavor that you can’t get with vinyl graphics.  Screen printing takes on the characteristics of the background a lot  better than vinyl  With vinyl it seems to just cover what you are putting it on.  This is why vinyl is good for naturally smooth surfaces like vehicles or windows.  But if you are painting a board (matte black in this case with La Boulange)then the surface is not going to be perfectly smooth.  Screen printing can take on those characteristics so it looks like it belongs on that painted board.

We are also doing screen printing for their menu boards because of the amount of locations that need to be covered.  The look and feel that La Boulange wanted a certain painted look to their boards which you can’t do with digital graphics so with over 15 locations and growing screen printing is really the best choice for big changes in the future.

You can see the whole portfolio of menus on our portfolio page, but better yet is to visit your neighborhood La Boulange to check out the menus in person and pick up a pastry while you are at it.  Now I’m hungry.

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