Mozilla Bikes

Mozilla Bikes

Photos by Susanne Friedrich

Mozilla Bikes hit the road on the streets of San Francisco

Martin Sign Company was asked by Amy and Kurt from Bikes Make Life Better to help on a job they had implementing an employee bike commuting program for Mozilla. Mozilla as you might know has the internet browser Firefox. The challenge was to take a Public Bike and customize the bike to have a Firefox look. Working with Bikes Make Life Better we came up with a bunch of ideas and settled on flames from the Firefox logo in key spots on the bike.

Bikes Make Life Better as a company work with progressive companies that want to create bike commuting programs for their employees. BMLB believe that employees that ride bikes to work will be healthier, they will have more energy, and as such they will work better. Not only will the company have happier employees and happier management, but riding bikes to work are better for the environment.

In a blog post from the Bikes Make Life Better website they described why a bike commuting program was needed.

Mozilla CFO, Jim Cook, wanted a way for employees to easily get around for lunch and errands, travel between San Francisco and Mountain View offices, and commute to and from home.

Okay so they knew they wanted to have a bike commute program. Having a bike program like this is a perfect opportunity to have fun with the bikes with a little customization.  Amy and Kurt from BMLB contacted Martin Sign Company and we worked together to make the customization for Mozillians so they can ride in style. All told the pilot program for the San Francisco location of Mozilla included 20 dutch style orange Public bikes and about 150 custom bike helmets.

If you want to see the full portfolio of photos of the Mozilla bikes check our Mozilla portfolio page. If your company would like more information about bike commute programs please check out Bikes Make Life Better website and make sure you ask them to pimp your ride!

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